Queen Anne’s County school integration

Queen Anne’s County fully integrated in 1966.  Before integration African-American students attended a number of poorly built and maintained schools in various communities.   For years Queen Anne’s resisted integration.  As late as 1964, the AP reported that there were two Maryland counties (Queen Anne’s & Worcester) which “still had completely segregated systems.”  At that time, the county had 1,250 African-American pupils and the freedom of choice plan was not being used.15

                 After being threatened with a cut-off of federal aid, Queen Anne’s County approached school integration by consolidating all three white high schools, and the Kennard School, the facility for African-Americans.  This avoided conflict in the community, it was believed, by making every high school student in the county go to the same school. 

                 “When the school board announced that all of Queen Anne’s County high schools were going to be consolidated, people in some of the white communities complained because some of them had to travel 20-miles to get to school.  But the African-American students had to do that all these years”, said Susan Boone, Librarian at Queen Anne’s County High School.16, 17


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