Local Links

On this page, you will find local links for Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Caroline and Talbot Counties as well as the websites of local elected officials.


Historical Society of Cecil County

Cecil County Public Schools

Cecil County Public Library

Town of Cecilton

Town of Chesapeake City

Town of Elkton

Town of North East

Town of Perryville


Kent County Historical Society

Humane Society of Kent County

Kent County Public Schools

Kent County Public Library

The Kent County Government

Town of Chestertown

Town of Galena

Town of Rock Hall

Town of Millington

Kent County Arts Council



Queen Anne’s County Government

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools

Queen Anne’s County Arts Council

Queen Anne’s County Free Library

Town of Centreville

Town of Sudlersville

Town of Queenstown

Queen Anne’s County Historical Society



Caroline County Government

Caroline County Public Schools

Caroline County Public Library

Caroline County Historical Society

Town of Denton

Town of Preston

Town of Ridgely

Caroline County Arts Council



Talbot County Government

Talbot County Public Schools

Talbot County Historical Society

Talbot County Free Library

Talbot County Arts Council

Town of Easton

Town of Saint Michaels

Town of Oxford

Town of Trappe


Official state website

Chesapeake Bay Gateways



The Star Democrat – Newspaper located in Easton

The Kent County News – Newspaper located in Chestertown

Bay Times – Newspaper in Kent Island

WCTR – Radio Station in Chestertown, 1530 AM “The voice of Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties”



Frank Kratovil – (D) U.S House of Representatives

Barbara Mikulski – (D) U.S Senator

Ben Cardin – (D) U.S Senator

Martin O’Malley – (D) Governor of Maryland

Anthony Brown – (D) Lieutenant Governor of Maryland

Nancy Jacobs – (R) State Senator, District 34 (Cecil, Harford Counties)

David Rudolph – (D) State Delegate, District 34 (Cecil, Harford Counties)

B. Daniel Riley – (D) State Delegate, District 34 (Cecil, Harford Counties)

Mike Smigiel – (R) State Delegate, District 36 (Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Caroline Counties)

Richard Colburn – (R) State Senator, District 37 (Caroline, Talbot, Dorchester, Wicomico Counties)

Jeannie Haddaway – (R) State Senator, District 37 (Caroline, Talbot, Dorchester, Wicomico Counties)






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