Eastern Shore African-American Schools

I created this page to display past and present pictures of the old African-American schools here on the upper Eastern Shore. I plan on updating this as I find more info and pictures.  Enjoy!


Cecil County


This school was know as the Elkton “Colored” School, kocated on Booth Street.  It served African American Cecil Countians from 1926-1951.  It is currently used as a storage building for the Cecil County Public Schools Maintenance Department.



This was known as the George Washington Carver School, located at 201 Booth Street in Elkton.  It was the sucessor to the Elkton “Colored” School.  It opened in 1951 and served all grades for African Americans.  In 1964, the school was shut down due to integration.  It now houses the Administrative Offices for Cecil County Public Schools.  In February 2008, the building was renamed as the George Washington Carver Educational Leadership Center. 









This was known as the Cedar Hill School.  It served the small African American Community five miles northwest of Elkton up until the mid-1950’s.  Little is known about this school and anyone who may have info about it they would be willing to share, would be greatly appreciated.


Kent County



Queen Anne’s County










This was the Carmichael School, located on Arrington Road in Queenstown.  I have very little information on this school, except that it was a rosenwald school (see Fisk University database) and it was built in 1925.











I have no information on this school.  It is located on Route 213 outside of Church Hill.  I believe that it might be a Rosenwald School due to its architecture.  Any info would be appreciated!












This school was known as Hope School.  It is located on the grounds of Queen Anne’s County High School.  It is very similar to the school in Church Hill, it is probably a Rosenwald School as well.  I plan on finding more info about it.

Caroline County



Talbot County




2 Responses to “Eastern Shore African-American Schools”

  1. Hello Kyle,

    Your work is fantastic!
    I’m becoming a fan of your blogs.

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

    • George,
      Thank you for your comments! I appreciate it! Its good to know that people appreciate the blog. I don’t have any info on family genealogies, but if it’s okay with you, I can forward your contact info to the Cecil County Historical Society. They have plenty of info on local families. Thanks again!
      -Kyle Dixon

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