Cecil County Public Schools announces nominees for Teacher of the Year

   Cecil County Public Schools announced on their website, the nominees for 2009 teacher of the year.  The following candidates are….

  • April Alcorn, North East Middle School
  • Tamara Robson, Gilpin Manor Elementary School
  • Carol Mangano, Rising Sun Middle School
  • Katie Poore, Cherry Hill Middle School
  • Heather Krasman, North East Middle School
  • Cathie Lenhoff, Elkton High School
  • Karen Dolphin, Holly Hall Elementary School
  • Michele Argile, Perryville Elementary School
  • Suzette White, Cecil Manor Elementary School
  • Melissa Malesh, Rising Sun Elementary School
  • Martha Sawyer, Cecilton Elementary School
  • Melissa Fazzino, North East Middle School (Hi Ms. Melissa! Good to see you’re back in the area)
  • Tabitha Kilberth, Elkton Middle School
  • Janine Fabian, Leeds Elementary School
  • Vicki Diamonte, Bohemia Manor High School (Lets go Mrs. D!)

 Good luck to all teachers!






~ by Kyle Dixon on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “Cecil County Public Schools announces nominees for Teacher of the Year”

  1. Kyle!!! What a wonderful surprise to see you! Thank you for the well wishes for Teacher of the Year in CC. What are you up to? How did you know it was me with a new last name? I would love to catch up!

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