Henry Shaffer appointed as Cecil County Public School’s new Superintendent

Cecil County Public Schools announced yesterday that the current Interim Superintendent, Henry Shaffer, will take over as the permanent Superintendent for the 2009-2010 school year.  After reviewing the three candidates, the committee decided that the three were unfit to lead the school system, due to controversy in their former positions.  Mr. Shaffer has served as the Interim Superintendent since July 2008, when Carl Roberts retired.

Mr. Shaffer is a life long resident of Cecil County, graduating from Elkton High School in 1965.  In 1969, he returned to Elkton High School as a Social Studies Teacher.  He held that position until 1974, when he was appointed the schools Assistant Principal.  He served as Assistant

Henry Shaffer

Henry Shaffer

Principal at Elkton High School for 12 years and 1 year at Cherry Hill Middle School until he was promoted to a Central Office position.  He spent many years as the Assistant Superintendent.  Mr. Shaffer has a Bachelors Degree from Tusculum College in Tennessee, and a Masters from Towson State University.

I wish the best of luck to Mr. Shaffer in his new position!


~ by Kyle Dixon on March 25, 2009.

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