Was the Price Community Center in Queen Anne’s County a Rosenwald School?

While driving up r0ute 301 the other day, I noticed an archaic looking building while driving past the sleepy bucolic community of Price.  This was suprise to me consideirng that I drive up 301 all the time and never noticed this structure!  From what I saw, this building resembled a Rosenwald school. For more information on Rosenwald Schools, click here for a previous post I made.  The next day, I drove down there and took a picture of it.img_1181-21

Reflecting back on my schema of Rosenwald Schools, this building had the architectual look of brown shingles.  I looked on the website http://www.rosenwaldplans.org and found a floor plan that resembled the Price building. My question to you the readers is, do you have any info on this building and do you think it’s a Rosenwald School?  Your info and input would be appreciated.


~ by Kyle Dixon on February 20, 2009.

One Response to “Was the Price Community Center in Queen Anne’s County a Rosenwald School?”

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