Welcome! This blog is for my website “School Integration: The Long, Difficult, Road to Compromise”, which documents the history of school integration in Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s Counties in Maryland. On this blog, I will write about findings in my research and about anything pretaining to school integration in Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s Counties. This era in U.S History needs to be documented, and this is my part in doing that. Be sure to check back soon!


~ by Kyle Dixon on October 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. What the HELF, that what I say.
    Old Sam couldn’t figure out where ya put this blogger thang, moving her round an around in the blogopshere like that. But now that I found ya, you’ve got a good site here. Keep it up. Good job. And don’t forgeet, Old Sam for Mayor.

  2. It’s great someone is pulling this info together. Was it hard to find? Enjoyed reading over the blog. Put some more up soon.

  3. Thank you Interested from Dover! Most of the Information on here wasn’t too hard to find. I found most of it from Library research and interviews. The two people I interviewed, Susan Boone and Ellen Cook were both very helpful. Most of my information came from them.

    Be sure to look at my website, http://www.cchistory.org/kyle to find more. I haven’t updated it in several months but I’m going to soon!

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