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Thats right!  I’ve created a new blog about school integration.  I felt it was necessary due to the fact I was posting too many irrelevant posts, so check it out!



Former Cecil County School Superintendent, Carl Roberts applies for job as Harford County Public Schools Superintendent

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   In a press release today, Harford County Public Schools announced that

Carl Roberts was Superintendent of Cecil County Public Schools from 1996 to 2008

Carl Roberts was Superintendent of Cecil County Public Schools from 1996 to 2008

retired Cecil County Public Schools Superintendent, Carl Roberts has been chosen as one of four candidates for their Superintendent’s job.  Dr. Roberts is a Cecil County native from Perryville.  He spent 20 plus years as an educator in Harford County before becoming Cecil County’s Superintendent from 1996 to 2008.  For the past year, he’s been Executive Director for the Maryland Superintendent’s Association.

    The other three finalists are Franklin Till, Raymond Bryant, and Robert Tomback.  Dr. Till has spent the past seven years as Superintendent of Broward County, Florida Public Schools.  Prior to that, he served as a Teacher, Guidance Counselor, and Administrator in the San Diego, California School District. 

     Raymond Bryant is Superintendent of the Elmira, New York School District.  He spent several years as an educator in Maryland before serving as Associate Superintendent in District of Columbia Public Schools.  Robert Tomback is an Associate Superintendent with Baltimore County Public Schools.  Prior to that, he was Principal of Catonsville High School.


Here’s the link to the Harford County Public Schools Press Release…


White Marsh Elementary School teacher named Talbot County teacher of the year

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Congratulations to Daniel Davis, 4th grade teacher at White Marsh Elementary School for being chosen as Talbot County’s teacher of the year!  Davis is a school bus driver turned teacher who has been with the school system for eleven years.  He is known for his use of technology in the classroom.

     Below is an article written by the Star Democrat in Easton, Maryland…

Talbot names teacher of the year

Talbot County’s Teacher of the Year was named Tuesday. Pictured from the left are Kathy Dill, social studies specialist with Talbot County Public Schools; Dr. Karen Salmon, superintendent of Talbot County Public Schools; Daniel Davis, Talbot County Teacher of the Year; and Dr. Marcia Sprankle, White Marsh Elementary School principal.

Daniel Davis surprised on planned day off

Published: Sunday, May 17, 2009 8:43 AM CDT
TRAPPE White Marsh Elementary School teacher Daniel Davis and his fourth-grade class were surprised Wednesday morning when Davis was named Talbot County’s Teacher of the Year.

Talbot County Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon, WMES Principal Dr. Marcia Sprankle, Kathy Dill, social studies specialist, and David Wheeler congratulated Davis with a cake, balloons, flowers and the key to a minivan.

Davis was not even scheduled to work Wednesday. He, his wife and his son just welcomed a baby girl last week and Sprankle had to make up a story about a coworker being honored to get him to the school. He makes three county Teachers of the Year on site at White Marsh Elementary.

“This is unbelievable!” Davis said. “It’s been a great year for me, I really appreciate this so much. I’m so excited!”

His class cheered for him and his colleagues ducked into the room to congratulate him.

“I love you guys; I love this profession,” he said.

Salmon and Dill also congratulated Davis and agreed with Sprankle and Wheeler that he was one of the most fun to surprise.

“On behalf of the Talbot County Teacher of the Year committee, we thank you,” Dill said tearfully. “We are so glad to have you as Talbot County’s premier teacher.”

As county Teacher of the Year, Davis and his family are invited to several summer events and a gala in October.

“We hope you’ll be a finalist and be Maryland State Teacher of the Year,” Salmon said.

Davis has worked at White Marsh Elementary since 1998. Prior to that, he worked for the county as a school bus driver until his boss suggested he become a teacher.

“We have a really cool machine here,” he said. “We’re looking forward to growing and we want it to shine.”

His niche has always been technology, as part of his doctoral research he worked with Promethean Activboards. The boards are white boards that have multimedia capabilities and enable anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto a whiteboard. Davis said he works to integrate technology, including those active boards, into his classes everyday.

“One of the most exciting things was the support in allowing me to get those active boards,” he said. “The PTO bought two.”

Davis said he wants to develop more curriculum and a Web site so more teachers can use the active boards in their daily lesson plans.

“It’s an awesome tool to build up background,” he said.

Before entering education, Davis was an airline pilot for 23 years. He has two daughters from a previous marriage, Danielle, 23, and Carley Rose, 18.

Davis has a BA in elementary education and M.ED. in reading from Salisbury University. He currently is completing his doctorate at UMES in educational leadership and also is an associate faculty member at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills.

He is a member of the International Reading Association and teacher sponsor of the MESA program at his school.

Davis resides in Cambridge with his wife and two young children.

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Youtube Videos of Bernard Purdie, the World’s Most Recorded Drummer and the First African Amercian to Integrate Schools in Cecil County

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As some of you may recall, I wrote a post about Bernard Purdie on this blog in October (Click here to see it).  To refresh your memory, Bernard Purdie was the first African American to integrate a school in Cecil County.  He graduated from Elkton High School in 1960 after getting most of his education at the George Washington Carver School. 

While looking around on the website everyone knows, You Tube, I came across several videos of Mr. Purdie.  I thought it would be a good idea to post some them on here.   Take a look…

Bernard Purdie



Congratulations to Cathie Lenhoff, Cecil County teacher of the year!

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     Congratulations to Elkton High School German Teacher, Cathie Lenhoff for being chosen as Cecil County’s teacher of the year!  Ms. Lenhoff has been teaching at Elkton for 35 years and is also a former student there.  I’ve never had Mrs. Lenhoff as a teacher, but I had the chance to meet her while I was helping out at the Friends of the Library booth for the Cecil County Public Schools Employee Wellness Day last Friday.  She seems like a friendly and caring person.  I’m sure she’s also a great teacher.  Congrats Mrs. Lenhoff!

Cathy Lenhoff.  Picture taken from the Cecil County Public Schools website, http://www.ccps.org

Cathy Lenhoff. Picture taken from the Cecil County Public Schools website, http://www.ccps.org

Video of Maryland History Day photos

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Here’s a video I made from some of the pictures I took at Maryland History Day. Enjoy!


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Congrats to Rising Sun High School student Lindsey McGinley

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I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate fellow Cecil Countian, Lindsey McGinley for earning an award for her Maryland History Day project!  Lindsey, a student at Rising Sun High School created a documentary called “Contents Under Pressure”.  It earned an award for “Excellence in Science and Techonolgy”.  I didn’t get a chance to see her documentary but I’m sure it was great!  Once again, congrats Lindsey!

Lindsey McGinley

Lindsey McGinley